The Manifesting Mama

In the summer of 2010, while I was writing Future Pull, I interviewed people from around the world about their experience using the Law of Attraction to create the life of their dreams.  Tara Kennedy-Kline was one of the truly amazing people I spoke to.  This is her story.

2006 was a low point for Tara Kennedy-Kline.  Her brother had recently passed away and she was unhappy in her job at a toy company.  Not one to take even prescription medications if she could avoid it, she was just coping day to day.  Then, when her husband gave her The Secret for Easter, she was introduced to the concept of the Law of Attraction and her life was transformed.

Tara created vision boards, started keeping a gratitude journal and began reading inspirational books for thirty minutes a day.  Today she is known as the “Manifesting Mama” in her small Pennsylvania town. 

 In 2008, Tara attended a conference where Jack Canfield and Marcia Weider were speakers.  During Marcia’s presentation, she had a lightbulb moment.  She realized she wanted to one day be up on a stage speaking to thousands, just like Marcia Weider and made the decision to attend the Dream Coach Certification Training.  But she had some limiting thoughts to overcome first – and a few hurdles to jump as well.  

 First of all, her manager definitely wasn’t in tune with Tara’s new way of thinking and she was sure she wouldn’t be able to get the time off. Even more of a challenge would be coming up with the hefty registration fee for the training.  But as she visualized herself on the stage, inspiring people and changing lives, Tara decided she was meant to do this work and that if she was meant to do it, then the money would come.  Tara put her stake in the ground and told Marcia she would be taking the program.

 Back at work, Tara broached the topic with her manager and told her she needed time off to attend the Dream Coach training.  Amazingly, her manager not only agreed but told Tara that if she was willing to come back and take the other staff through the process, she could have the time off with pay to attend.  Great, one down! Now there was just the little matter of the registration fee to deal with.

 A few days later, Tara was sitting in front of her computer dealing with late day emails from clients when she saw her husband arrive home from work.   She knew the time had come to tell him her plans and discuss the financial obligation  with him.  As she turned back from the window to the computer to shut it down, she saw she had one final email.  Miraculously it was an email from a client with an order that gave her exactly enough in commission to pay for the training.  Not only perfect timing, but the exact amount she needed!

 Tara attended the training and became a Dream Coach.  Going through the powerful experiential process strengthened Tara’s manifestation powers and she continued to creative massive change in her life.

 As the economy went on the downturn, the toy company Tara worked for was forced to close.  Driving home after being laid off, Tara’s thoughts were on her clients and her outstanding orders.  They were counting on her.  As she drove she realized that she had the most important thing she needed to start up her own company – connections with customers and vendors.  By the time she arrived home, she had decided to start her own business and Tara’s Toy Box was born. 

 Tara’s Toy Box reflects the philosophy of its owner.  Tara only deals with not for profit organizations or child care providers.   Twenty percent of the profits go to the three major charities Tara has chosen to support:  Toys for Tots, Physicians for Peace and the Africa Burn Relief. 

 Success Magazine heard about the Manifesting Mama and requested a telephone interview.   Tara had no idea how Success Magazine had gotten her name or why they wanted to talk to her.  The interviewer asked Tara if she knew how it worked.  How was it that she could decide what she wanted, visualize it and then make it happen?  Tara leaned back and looked up at her vision board on the wall and she saw that the word ‘success’ was pasted on there three times – all of them taken from the cover of Success Magazine.  She started laughing and explained how the Law of Attraction works and how she had manifested that very interview. 

 Tara continues to create the life she was born to live.  In fact, another mind-boggling manifestation is unfolding right now.  Tara and her family love the show Extreme Home Makeover and they sit down as a family to watch it every Sunday.  And every Sunday, Tara say’s, “One of these days I will provide the toys for one of these Extreme Home Makeover houses”. 

 Two weeks before I spoke to her, Tara was at a child’s birthday party, when the mother said, “Tara, tell us about how you’re working with Extreme Home Makeover.”  Tara replied, “What?”  A little questioning revealed that Extreme Home Makeover was just starting a build in their county.  Tara got the number, called and sent an email telling the production representative that she had always dreamed of providing the toys for one of their houses.  When production called to invite her to provide the toys for the home build in her county, they told her it was because she had said ‘it was her dream’.  But that’s not all!  Since then she has been invited to be the toy supplier for all of the Extreme Home Makeover build projects across the nation!  Again, the Manifesting Mama was able to bring her dream to life.  Just the night before I spoke to her she had attended the pep rally for the build and she was still pinching herself to make sure it’s not a dream.

 I asked Tara  why she thinks she is so successful at creating or attracting the reality that she wants to bring into her life.  What tools does she use and what tips does she have for others?

 Tara thinks that the most inspired action she takes is to write out, in full detail exactly what her life would look like if she was living the life of her dreams.  She keeps it with her and reads it before bed.

 She also asks specifically for the people and resources necessary to make her ideal life become reality to be brought into her path.  She is always amazed at what is provided and how the timing is always perfect.

 Tara and her family set concrete goals as well – today goals, tomorrow goals and future goals.  They also make a list of what needs to be done to achieve them.  They have a board in their kitchen where they keep a list of what needs to be done today, this week and next week. 

 When I asked Tara if there had been anything –  behaviors or habits – she needed to change.  “Absolutely”, she replied.

 Tara said she went through a period where she sabotaged her own dreams mentally and financially.  She would send the request out to the Universe and then believe that everything that came in to her life represented a path she was supposed to take.  She was easily distracted and spent too much money and too much time and energy responding to every email and request that came in.  Now she has learned to wait.  If an opportunity comes back three times, then she believes it is meant for her and she takes action. 

 Tara is the author of Stop Raising Einstein: Discover The Unique Brilliance In Your Child. . . and You  and the Stop Raising Einstein Kids’ Journal,

 She can be contacted through either of the following websites:


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