Travel = Questions

Heading out to Toronto today for three days.  I don’t know what it is about travel but I always become more introspective.  Perhaps it’s because, in spite of taking a flying lesson and mostly overcoming my fear, I feel doomed as we are taking off.  Or, as in the case today, when we’re landing on that itty bitty island in Toronto.  Or maybe because it’s snowing again and I hate flying when it’s anything less than a perfectly sunny (but not too sunny so that it blinds the pilots), calm (but not so calm that there’s no lift), clear (but not so clear that you can see forever, I don’t like to think about forever when I’m flying) day.

Or perhaps it’s because when I’m in a hotel I turn on the tv less, read more, talk on the phone less, write more.  That will definitely be the case this visit because I am going to try to finish the first draft of my book, The Seven Day Mental Diet.  Originally it was going to be a minor revision to bring the language into the 21st century.  Now, however, after interviewing successful mental dieters, it’s turning into a major rewrite.  Same basic stuff, same rules, but now it has eight Guiding Principles based on the experience of others who have tried.

So this morning, as I was browsing my bookshelves to find some books to bring along, I noticed that all the books I was choosing had lists of questions.  The Hard Questions for an Authentic Life by Susan Piver.  75 Cage-Rattling Questions to Change the Way You Work by Dick Whitney and Melissa Giovagnoli, A Year of Creativity by Brenda Mallon. 

I also picked up Solved by Sunset, The Right Brain Way to Resolve Whatever’s Bothering You in One Day or Less by Carol Orsborn, which is more about how to answer questions rather than the questions to ask.

There must be something bothering me if I’m looking at books about creativity, changing the way you work or fixing things that are bothering me.  Burying myself in books is, for me, a first choice when I am procrastinating.  So after much deliberating, I’ve decided that I’ll take my journal and explore my own questions. 

For fun I’m taking Why Does E=mc2?  After all, the title is a question.  And I have to finish it sometime.  And it will help me sleep.


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I'm a dreamweaver, a sorcerer, co-creator of this brilliant and exciting adventure of life. We're here for the experience, why not make it fun? Try new things, build castles and live in them, paint your future, become friends with eagles and flamingos and iguanas, make a million and give it away. Your future is limited only by your imagination.
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