Home Sweet Home – Applying Past Lessons

It’s great to be home after four days in a hotel.  Although it was a great week, it’s just nice to sleep in my own bed, have my car, play with my dog and cat, make my own food in my own kitchen.  Looking back at the week, and reading past posts, I realize that I have reaffirmed and gathered more anecdotal evidence of what I know and believe about Future Pull and the Law of Attraction.

Reframing Works But If You Relax You Might Not Even Have to Go There!

The reframing exercise really did help me to stop having negative brooding thoughts about not receiving my book before I left.  And then, after all that, the book arrived just as I was leaving the house.  While it confirmed that reframing is effective, it also reminded me not to get my shirt in a knot in the first place; to go with the flow because in the end everything always does work out for the best.  I’ve had ample evidence of that over the course of my life, but I can still get all whacked out and anticipate the worst – and you know what happens when you expect the worst – you usually get it!

The Power of Intention is Miraculous

Setting my intention for the day on Thursday worked so perfectly that it felt miraculous.  Every single intention unfolded just as I intended, including, by the end of the day, 10 new Twitter followers. 

I have to say though, meeting Bharthi on the bus as soon as I got on was the most amazing She told me that only happened because she decided to stop and get some money out of the ATM and so had to take the next bus – the one I ended up on.  I must consciously put the effort into stopping for a moment and setting intentions for my day or even for segments of my day (as suggested by Abraham-Hicks) and put them out there in writing or verbally.  In fact, I need to do this right now because I had to rearrange my travel and kennel arrangements for next week and I am first on the waiting list at the kennel.  I am intending that by Monday noon, I will hear that I have a confirmed spot at the kennel.

The Universe Works in Unexpected Ways

The Universe will always send information, signs and opportunities when they can be most of value.  In the chapter of my book dealing with time, I talk about mental time travel and Endel Tulving, the Canadian neuroscientist who first noted this and coined the term ‘mental time travel’.  I am still revising that chapter and, while browsing the magazines at the airport, what do I find? An article in Discover on ‘mental time travel’ (exactly the phrase on the cover so I couldn’t miss it) with more information about Tulving’s research.  Also, as soon as I arrived in Toronto and got to the office, I was presented with the opportunity to extend my visit to see my grandson by attending a great training program.  Perfect timing and totally out of the blue.

You Don’t Have to Grin Like a Maniac to Change Your Mood by Changing Your Face

I also paid attention to turning my mood around by changing the way I was holding my body and my face.  First on Wednesday when I was trudging through slush and fighting a head wind on my way back to the hotel and then on Friday when I wasn’t getting my own way during a discussion and starting to think grumpy thoughts, I stopped my thought stream for a second and then sat or stood straighter and rearranged my face to something more open and pleasant.  To be honest, I didn’t make a big ‘eeeee’ smile because I was afraid I’d look sneaky or like I was a maniac, but I did stop the Grinch face and make it more of a Horton or Who face. And it worked, I did have a change in the general direction of my thoughts.  In fact, in the conversation I did become more open (like my face) to the other person’s ideas.  As I was trudging, I was able to turn my thoughts to something more positive – ‘only one more block to the hotel and isn’t it nice that I have company on this walk!’

Even When It’s All Going Great – You Can Still Get Really Really Cold!

Last night trying to get a cab home was not as easy as I expected.   Have to admit I never even thought of intending a cab – I figured one would be there.  Well a cab wasn’t there and several of us lined up for what seemed like an hour waiting for a taxi to arrive.  One guy called the cab company several times.  Then when the taxi came, the rest of us let him take it even though he wasn’t first in line, since he was the one that took the initiative to call.  It was very very cold and I didn’t have my jacket zipped up and my gloves were in my purse.  I was FREEZING!  The difference between then and 1977 was that I had a warm jacket on and when I zipped it up it did its job and kept me warm.  I had options and knew I had options.  Being cold was just the way it was  – it didn’t represent hitting bottom.  Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

And now I must put my 3 coats on and go to the off leash dog park.  It will be really really cold.  I’m intending that I will feel warm and toasty with my 3 coats and that there will be lots of dogs for Charley to play with,  and I will stand up straight and smile, even if I’m really really cold.


About futurepull

I'm a dreamweaver, a sorcerer, co-creator of this brilliant and exciting adventure of life. We're here for the experience, why not make it fun? Try new things, build castles and live in them, paint your future, become friends with eagles and flamingos and iguanas, make a million and give it away. Your future is limited only by your imagination.
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