How Great Ideas Shaped the Evolution of the Species

Yesterday I shared my reasons why I, as a Law of Attraction writer and coach, have been blogging on the theme of great ideas this month.  Because we are spiritual beings enjoying a human experience, we are literally creators of our own life journey here on earth.

However, it comes down to so much more than that really.  Each lifetime here is one of learning and growing and, as a result of our experiences, finding out what we want to change.  In other words, as we live our lives and feel the discomfort caused by the gap between what we are or what we have or what we are capable of and what we want to be, have or do, we feel desire and come up with ideas about what we would like to change. Ideas are thoughts.  Thoughts are energy and are the precursors to manifestation into reality.  As individuals, we are contributing to the combined learning and ongoing changes of humankind as a whole.  What an awesome responsibility! 

Abraham, through Esther Hicks, has suggested that the Law of Attraction is the impetus behind planetary evolution.  If, for example, many millennia ago giraffes had short necks but saw juicy leaves at the top of the tree that they couldn’t reach, they would feel a desire for those leaves which would, eventually, result in the desire becoming real and modern day giraffes having long necks and eating from the tops of trees. 

It’s no different really from what we already know about evolution: that organisms evolve because those that are most ‘fit’ from a survival standpoint, live and reproduce.  They pass along the genes that made them better at surviving, which in the case of the giraffes would be the genes for having longer necks and eating from the tops of the trees. 

The Law of Attraction comes in when the giraffe notices the lush leaves at the top of the tree and starts wanting them and perhaps starts stretching up to reach those that are just a little higher.  Perhaps those giraffes that stretched just a little higher ended up better fed or maybe had shinier coats than the giraffes that kept their eyes to the ground and so were more attractive and ended up being the ones most likely to reproduce.  Just speculating here.

I came across an interesting example of the value of great ideas in the evolution of the human species.  Just imagine that about 1.8 million years ago, a human ancestor child, in the middle of a big thunderstorm, saw a tree get struck by lightning and a burning stick flew off and landed at his feet.  Being a kid and not having learned to be afraid yet, he picked it up by the not burning end and carried it home to his cave where his mum and dad were busy tearing into a dead pig-type ancestor.  As he ran in with his burning stick, he tripped over a rock–those cave floors were treacherous—and as he fell, he threw the stick right smack dab into the middle of the dead pig.  All that pig fat just caught fire and before you knew it dinner was cooked.  Of course, at first he got quite the spanking for  running with burning sticks and ruining that nice raw pig that they were enjoying, but since food was scarce, they decided to eat it anyway—cooked or not.  Lo and behold, the pig was much more yummy cooked than raw and they started to think, “Wow, if we can get some more burning sticks and keep them burning, we could have this yummy pork roast all the time.” 

So a few years—like hundreds or thousands—go by and that particular family have become quite adept at not only cooking pigs but keeping fire going.  In fact, now they can actually build their own fires by rubbing sticks together really really fast.  That family, which has now grown to the size of a town has the healthiest, best looking and smartest men and women around and as a result, they are the ones who ‘get it on’ the most and are reproducing like crazy.  Leading to more of those cooked meat eating people and so the cycle continues until here we are today enjoying barbeques whenever we want.  And it all started with one great idea!

Seem farfetched?  Well not according to Richard Wrangham  Professor of Biological Anthropology at HarvardUniversity in his book, Catching Fire, How Cooking Made Us Human.  The great idea that someone had, way back about 1.8 million years ago, to build fire and use it to cook food, changed the fate of the species.  If you’d like to watch Richard Wrangham’s entertaining Harvard Thinks Big 2010 presentation, here it is.

Heating food makes it easier to digest, which allows you to get more out of every calorie you consume.  Therefore, our fire-loving caveman ancestors spent less time hunting and chewing raw meat.  Because television hadn’t been invented yet, they used that spare time to develop tools, do cave paintings, and socialize.  Also, because they no longer needed to work so hard to digest their food, their digestive tracts got smaller and their brains got larger.

And here we are, a few hundred millennia later, the magnificent creatures that we are.  So how are you contributing to the future of the human race?  Just keep on welcoming in the great ideas.

By the way, I got this interesting factoid about the impact of fire on our evolution from Mental FlossMental Floss is a great idea and I’ll share more on that tomorrow.


How are you contributing to the helping the human race evolve to the next level?  Share your radical evolutionary idea here in the Great Idea Challenge and win one month of free Future Pull Coaching.


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One Response to How Great Ideas Shaped the Evolution of the Species

  1. iDella says:

    Some of the best methods and recipes were invented by accident – or necessity then from the original it evolves into whatever purpose its meant to serve. I like how you lay it out! Not at all far-fetched.:-)

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