My Advice to My Younger Self

Well great things have resulted from yesterday’s post.  Misty Bastian Trammel who lives a new age hippie existence in Oregon with her husband and two beautiful girls, suggested not only a question but a quotation to go with it.  I also have three people who are now reviewing my current questions and providing some open-hearted feedback and suggestions.

So as promised, I am going to reveal the answer to my 35 year long consideration of my favourite question:

 ‘If you could go back to your younger self at any age you choose, what three things would you tell her/him to prepare him/her for the life that is to come?’

I have brooded over this question for thirty-five years and my answers have run the gamut from ‘If you ever meet someone named Sam, run the other way’ to ‘In 1994, when you are offered a choice between a lower paying job or just walking away, take the job’.

Now, with the wisdom that time brings, I realize that the choices I did make were fine.  After all, even though walking away from that job led to a few weeks of worry about how to pay the mortgage, in the end, I was far better off than if I had just accepted the transfer.  On the other hand, even if I had chosen to take the transfer, I couldn’t then and I certainly can’t now predict what the eventual outcome would have been.  Perhaps I would have been better off sticking around and waiting for a pension, or perhaps the next week that job would have been eliminated too.

The reality is, we can’t predict the future and I have no idea what twists and turns my life would have taken as a result of that one decision.  What I do know for sure though, is that my life is great right now and the decisions I have made over the years has led me to this point right here and right now.  So would it have been better if I had run away as soon as I met Sam?  Maybe.  Or maybe not.  But I didn’t and perhaps I’m all the better for having known him.

So to paraphrase that Grammy winning song by Rascal Flatts:

“This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to where I am today.”

So what would I tell that younger me?  May I have a drumroll please?  This is what I would do.

I would see me standing there in line, looking at me as I come through the door in my red mini coat that is way too young for me but hey, it’s her daydream.  I would, I am sure, have a little lurch in my heart when I see my little John so cute at that age. Perhaps tears would fill my eyes, they are just thinking about it.  I would stride over to her in my high platform boots that I absolutely shouldn’t be wearing because if I fall off of them the way I used to I’m really going to hurt my new bionic knees.  I would say,

 “Jackie, you look so young. I used to love that jacket and it looks wonderful on you. It’s all going to be great.  You are such a blessed and lucky person.  I just want you to remember three things:

  1.  Stop that dieting.  You’ll just get fatter.  In fifteen years, you’ll give your right arm to weigh what you weigh now.  Just exercise.
  2. Take care of your teeth, floss and go to the dentist.  Ask for laughing gas, it makes it much better.
  3. Stop worrying so much.  Everything always turns out for the best.  You’re going to have a full and happy life.”

Then I would give John a big hug and, I hope, disappear in a puff of purple smoke so I don’t have to maneuver back out into the snow in those boots.

So that’s my answer.  What would your answer be?



About futurepull

I'm a dreamweaver, a sorcerer, co-creator of this brilliant and exciting adventure of life. We're here for the experience, why not make it fun? Try new things, build castles and live in them, paint your future, become friends with eagles and flamingos and iguanas, make a million and give it away. Your future is limited only by your imagination.
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