Day One of the Ultimate Blog Challenge: Here we go again!

Last year at this time, I embarked on the month-long Ultimate Blog Challenge, committing to writing a blog every single day for the month of July.  In case you’re one of those people, like me that have to say that little rhyme to figure out how many days in each month—30 days hath September, blah blah blah—that’s 31 blog posts.

For someone like me with the ‘look, a bright shiny object’ disorder and a very low tolerance for boredom, that’s a freaken lot of posts.  Every SINGLE F&^#$$ing day!!!!  Did I do it?  Of course I did!  No, of course I didn’t.  I gave it a valiant effort and I almost did it but I guess almost doesn’t count.  My last post of the month was on July 25.  So I did 25 out of the 31.  But I’m taking the challenge on again and committing to completing the whole 31.

Last year I found one of my biggest problems was coming up with ideas.  Now that’s a wimpy excuse and really not that valid because Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer, the organizers of the Challenge, not only provide an e-book of ideas for content but send a daily email to keep you pumped up.  And then you have all those other blogs linked on the Facebook site to read and give you ideas.  It’s kind of ironic really, because I quickly decided that I needed a theme for the month and I chose, you guessed it, Great Ideas.

But honestly, I didn’t stop because I ran out of ideas.  After all, I have a constant stream of ideas flowing through my head.  It’s one of my gifts.  I even have ‘idea person’ on my resume, right up top so the employer can see it in that few seconds that he/she is scanning my resume.  I stopped because that’s what I do.  Or rather, that’s what I USED to do.  I’ve gotten much better.

In the past, I was kind of notorious, at least in my family and my inner circle, for getting great ideas, going gung-ho for, oh maybe a day, and then…..nada!  The flame would extinguish and I’d have yet another ‘not done’ on my ‘to do’ list.  It was embarrassing.  People started to not even listen to my ideas and enthusiastic proclamations because they knew it was so short lived.  I started to not listen.  I could have easily started to stop before I embarked a new passion, but, thank God, that didn’t happen.  That would be sad.  I would have become a shell of the real me.

No, I am actually getting much much better.  I often finish things now.  Here’s what I’ve actually finished:

  • I wrote four books and published them!  Not just one which would have been a miracle given my propensity for stopping halfway through, but FOUR books.
  • I have painted a boatload of pictures and they have them in a gallery here in town.  I’ve even had some in out of town galleries.
  • I’ve painted a picture and submitted it to the OPS Green Art Show after being encouraged to do so for three years and never finishing one to send.
  • I made a dress.  That’s the first one I actually finished since I gained weight and stopped sewing all my own clothes.
  • I did the dishes yesterday.  Okay it’s getting harder to come up with good ones so I’ll stop now.

So this year, I am going to finish the Ultimate Blog Challenge and post all 31 blog posts.  That is my commitment to you.   Not only that, but I am just finished up my new book, 101 Questions That Will Change Your Life, and I’ve started a new blog where I will discuss one of the questions in the book each day and I am going to do that for the Ultimate Blog Challenge too.  I haven’t decided whether to do 31 on each blog or just 31 for both blogs combined.  I have to check the rules.

For the Future Pull Blog, the one you’re reading right now, I have a new theme.  Future Pull!  Seems appropriate, after all that’s the name of it.  I’m going to work my way through Future Pull, the book, and post as I go.  It’s partially in preparation for the Future Pull Mastermind Group I’ll be running in September and partially because it is my passion.  And what better than to commit to writing 31 posts about something you care so passionately for?

Talk to you tomorrow!

About futurepull

I'm a dreamweaver, a sorcerer, co-creator of this brilliant and exciting adventure of life. We're here for the experience, why not make it fun? Try new things, build castles and live in them, paint your future, become friends with eagles and flamingos and iguanas, make a million and give it away. Your future is limited only by your imagination.
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1 Response to Day One of the Ultimate Blog Challenge: Here we go again!

  1. Jen says:

    good luck on the challenge… i’m attempting it as well 🙂

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