It’s not a Secret anymore–in fact, it never was!

The Secret did a great service for us all by making the Law of Attraction mainstream.  It opened millions of people’s minds to the possibility that they actually can work with the universe to manifest their deepest desires.  But it was a movie and it was simplified to make it palatable.  Another movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, released in 2004, covered the topic in far more detail.  Its extended version, Down the Rabbit Hole, went even further and included interviews that explained some of the science behind the Law of Attraction.

Don’t get me wrong!  The Law of Attraction will work no matter what you do.  In fact, it is working—24/7—whether you believe it or not.  Whether you dismiss it as hooey or faithfully spend twenty minutes every day visualizing a new relationship entering your life, the Law of Attraction is affecting your life all day every day.

It’s very simple really.  The Law of Attraction means that whatever things, people, events, opportunities and situations you think about, focus on and feel strongly about, you will attract into your life.

I bet you think you are doing that right?  After all, what about those twenty minutes of visualizing the man of your dreams knocking on your door joyfully proclaiming, “I’m here?” If you are spending the rest of your day thinking about how lonely you are and feeling jealous of your happily married friends, you are going to continue to see singleness and loneliness showing up in your life.  You see, the feeling part of the equation is the most powerful part of the equation.  So if you try to think one way but feel another way, the attraction power of the way you feel will trump the attraction power of your thoughts.

I know, I’ve done it all wrong too.  In fact, I still have to be careful.  It’s so easy to drop your vigilance and let negative thoughts or worrying thoughts take over.

For example, recently I was talking with a friend about falling.  I had fallen a few weeks before and I had a small injury in my shoulder as a result.  I was joking about how klutzy I’ve always been and we compared falling stories.  I mentioned that I do worry about falling since I’ve had two knee replacements and I expect that it will really hurt if I fall on them.  The very next day, as I was stepping up onto a curb, it suddenly became two feet high and I tripped over it.  Okay, perhaps it didn’t physically grow two feet but it sure seemed like it.  I flew out, sprawling face first, right there in public.  Luckily, I didn’t land on my knees but I couldn’t help but remember how focused I’ve been on not ‘falling’, worrying about it and talking about it.  Falling being the key word here.  So of course I fell.  And I know better than that.

A long time ago I wanted to lose some weight, so I bought a poster of a very obese naked woman sitting surrounded by a feast of food and stuffing it into her open mouth.  I hung it on the fridge so that every time I was tempted to eat, I’d see it and be repulsed and refrain from eating.  Of course, I took it down when I was expecting visitors because it really was a horrendous looking thing.  Guess what happened?  I continued to eat and I gained weight.  Even a new student of the Law of Attraction can see where I was going wrong.  I was focusing on my weight and eating rather than on my real goal, which was to be fit and healthy and slim.

Here’s another example that might ring a bell for you.  You want to get out of debt.  You decide that you want to win a million dollars in the lottery.  That will definitely get you out of debt.  Every day you close your eyes and recite, “I am getting out of debt” exactly twenty-one times.  Yes, I learned that at a seminar.  According to that expert, reciting your affirmation exactly twenty-one times is the key.  The problem is, that is a bad affirmation.  You want your debt to diminish – key word ‘debt’.  You wait for some unexpected windfall. You start to doubt and wonder why the Universe isn’t coming through for you.  And after a week of affirmations, you wake up late one morning and rush off to work without doing your daily twenty-one and that is the end of that.  Sound familiar?

The Law of Attraction does really work.  It’s not even hard or complicated.  But you do have to understand how it works and work with it.  That’s a key piece.  The Law of Attraction is really about co-creating your life with the Universe.  It’s not all up to the Universe.  You can’t just decide what you want and then send an order out to the Universe and wait for it to show up at your door like a parcel from UPS, the Universal Postal Service.  You are a partner with the Universe and you have to do your share of the co-creating.  You have to actually take some action and do some work on your end too.

Then there’s another key part of the equation that is often forgotten—Allowing.  You have to be home when the parcel from the Universe shows up.  You don’t know how and when the Universe is going to come through on its end and you have to be patient, trusting, and persistent and learn how to recognize and accept the Universe’s help.

Allowing is the part of the Law of Attraction that I used to have the most trouble remembering and applying.  I am what a friend has called an ‘over-eee-er’.  When I start to think that things are going sideways and I forget that things always work out as they should, I start to ‘eeeeee’.  I go, “Eeeee, why didn’t I get that job?”  “Eeeee, what’s that noise in my car engine?”  “Eeeeee, what if it rains tomorrow when I have my deck party planned.”  What a waste of worry and energy!

And then of course, later when things do work out as they should, I look back and think, “Darn, I did it again!”  I wasted so much time and energy worrying about things when I should know by now that it all works out for the best in the end.  I have learned that if you relax and trust, stay focused on what you want to happen–the big picture rather than the small details–it really does work out in the end.

Our Universe is not one of uncontrolled chaos.  There is an underlying orderliness and purpose and it applies not only to the great big Universe but even to each of us individuals.  We are never subject to luck or the whims of fate.  There is a reason and a purpose for every turn in our lives.  We just may not necessarily know what that reason or purpose is when we are experiencing it.  Often it is revealed to us later, when we can appreciate it.  But it takes trust to allow it all to unfold as it should.

A few years ago, I presented that point of view in a workshop.  One man commented, “Isn’t that just positive thinking; looking for the best in things?”  I could tell by the way he said ‘positive thinking’ that he didn’t necessarily see that as being very positive.  I asked him, “What kind of thinking would you recommend, if not positive thinking?” He stated, firmly, “Realistic thinking.”  However, whether you choose negative or positive thoughts, what you are thinking is going to turn up as your reality.  If you choose negative thinking, you will end up with negative reality.  If you choose positive thinking, you will find positive reality showing up. So, since I have a choice, I choose the positive.

I choose to believe, when things are difficult and I start to wonder why, that there is a reason and a season for everything and that if I trust and relax, that things really will work out for the best.  And that eventually, down the road, I’ll understand why.  Does this sound like I’m looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses?  Perhaps I am.  But like I said, I prefer that to the alternative.  I like Susan Bissonette’s words, “An optimist is the human personification of spring.”

There is a Zen koan that I think is the perfect example of the wisdom of trusting and allowing the Universe to unwind as it should.

“A man lived in a small mountain village.  He had a son that he loved more than life itself.  He also had a horse.  He was proud of the horse and loved it and cared for it.  But one day the horse ran away.

As the man sat on his stool outside of his hut, the neighbours came by and said, “How sad that your horse ran away.”  And he replied, “Maybe.”

Then his son went out looking for the horse and he found it.  It had teamed up with a beautiful stallion and they were out galloping over the mountains and enjoying their freedom.  The son captured the horse and the stallion and brought them both home.

As the man sat on his stool outside of his hut, the neighbours came by and said, “How wonderful that you have this beautiful new stallion and your horse.  You are a very fortunate man.”  And he replied, “Maybe.”

Then as his son was trying to train the stallion, he had an accident and fell off the horse and broke his legs very badly so that he was bedridden for quite a long time.

As the man sat on his stool outside of his hut, the neighbours came by and said, “Oh how sad about your son.  You must be so upset over the accident.  What bad luck.”  And he replied, “Maybe.”

As the man continued to sit on his stool outside his hut, a group of soldiers came by.  A war had started and they were coming to draft all the able-bodied young men to go to fight.  Of course, they had to leave the old man’s son at home because of his broken leg.

This story perfectly illustrates that we may not always know the big picture.  We are limited in our perceptions.  We can’t foretell the future.  Believing that there is a purpose and order to the Universe helps us to remember to go with the flow and wait to see how it will turn out.

I’ve seen this approach free people to make major decisions without fear.  As a career coach for thirty years, I’ve often worked with people who are paralyzed by indecision over a career choice.  What I try to impress on them is that we cannot predict the future.  All we can do is make the best decision that we can, based on the information we have right now, and then trust in the flow of the Universe.  When you have a Perspective of Unlimited Possibility, you are willing to allow that anything may happen.  When you accept that there is order and purpose to the Universe, the fear over making the wrong decision is reduced and you are open to accept all the wonderful adventures that may be just around the corner.

If you’ve used the power of Future Pull to create a compelling vision of the life you were born to live, have set clear intentions, and are taking inspired action as you travel your life path, then the Universe will take care of the unknowns.  You just need to allow.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction you’re in the game whether you believe it or not and whether you want to be in it or not.  In that case, you might as well learn how to work with the Law of Attraction rather than against it.  Perhaps ‘work’ is a misleading term.  Perhaps we should call it ‘play’.  ‘Play’ on the same side as the Law of Attraction and you’ll be on the winning team.

Addendum:  Now I’m wondering.  It seems that most people know about the Law of Attraction to some extent and many actually give it a try.  But I also hear many people say that it hasn’t worked for them, at least not to the extent that they want.  Now I’m wondering where they are getting hung up.  From this point on in Future Pull, I talk about the ‘how’s’ but now I want to find out more about people’s perceived experience.  I think tomorrow I will write about that and ask a few questions, which, if you’ve read my other blog, you know I am good at.

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I'm a dreamweaver, a sorcerer, co-creator of this brilliant and exciting adventure of life. We're here for the experience, why not make it fun? Try new things, build castles and live in them, paint your future, become friends with eagles and flamingos and iguanas, make a million and give it away. Your future is limited only by your imagination.
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8 Responses to It’s not a Secret anymore–in fact, it never was!

  1. Isn’t “Allowing” the same thing as Faith? Fear and worry opposes Faith or allowing. I think we need to unite the Universal Truths. As we awaken to the reality of who and what we really are, everything is possible, but only because our Essence is part of the Whole and is always revealing itself through experiences that expose the errors and the truths of our beliefs.

    The incessant nature of our Essence or God, if you will, is the consistent manipulation of energy and matter for its eventual and complete physical expression, made possible only by the awareness of the thinking creature in which it resides. “Bad” experiences are caused by lack of awareness–false beliefs and assumptions.

    Like you said, it was never a secret, just unobserved truth.

    • futurepull says:

      Actually, I don ‘t believe that ‘faith’ and ‘allowing’ are really the same thing. According to Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.” Faith is based on expectation; allowing opens up a universe of possibilities without expectation.
      Some may think that faith is necessary if you are going to use the Law of Attraction but if the Law of Attraction is truly based in science and is a true law of the universe, then whether you have faith in it or not is irrelevant. Unlike ‘faith’ which is a noun, ‘allowing’ is a verb, implying action, in this case, letting things happen. Allowing means that you start walking towards your destination and allow the Law of Attraction to do its work, without struggle or manipulation. It doesn’t mean you lay around and wait for what you want to show up, you take the action required, but you don’t try to control the outcome.
      I think that allowing is probably the most challenging part of the whole Law of Attraction because we have a problem with letting go. We have a problem with not being in control, with accepting that we don’t know. To ‘allow’ you have to change yourself from the inside and let go of your need to control, you open yourself to the different possibilities and become adept at responding to the signals and signposts we receive rather than trying to make things happen.
      A friend likened it to the difference between getting on a plane and allowing it to fly us somewhere and strapping a plane to our back and flapping our arms wildly as we race down the runway. Sometimes we just have to let go. It’s nice if you have faith that the plane will stay up in the air, but it’s not necessary to have that faith. Although really, based on the Bible’s definition, that wouldn’t even be faith because we have abundant evidence that planes can actually fly. So faith and allowing are two very different things and not at all dependant on each other.
      LOL I find it kind of amusing that even though I no longer believe that the Bible is anything more than an interesting book of stories, I can still quote it at the drop of a hat.

  2. Faith isn’t believing, trusting or hoping for something intangible although religion may have imbued that concept. True Faith is Knowing, without evidence, that everything will work according to God’s plan and our synergy, which is the context used here, depends upon our ability to Love, which is to Allow, accept, forgive and understand without worry, judgment

    Additionally, Faith doesn’t imply that we “…lay around and wait…”. Faith IS an invocation towards acting according to our beliefs–just like the Law of Attraction states–and knowing that, all outcomes result from God’s intervention to reveal the truths or the errors in our beliefs.

    Knowledge is power and Absolute Knowledge is Absolute Power or the Power of Truth (God), which is constantly shaping our experiences to bring us closer to awareness and enlightenment.

    In our enlightenment, we must be careful not to believe ourselves as the reason for the cause and effect of events. We are vehicles of the Source, which is incessantly attempting to become perfectly expressed in us.

    • Mr Petti,

      I am uncertain as to where you received your education or how you obtained the information that you share here. Faith is absolutely NOT “knowing”. If something is KNOWN no FAITH is required. But if something is UNKNOWN it does require FAITH in order to trust in the UNKNOWN. Absolute knowledge and absolute truth arunchangable- otherwise they would not be absolute. The history of the CHURCH and FAITH based on revelation has proven that FAITH is not absolute. Galileo was right and the church took 350 years to move on from FAITH to accept the fact that Galileo was right and FAITH was wrong. Huge difference in FAITH and ALLOWING. A scientist ALLOWS for FACTS to change his or her views. One accepting beliefs based on FAITH fight FACTS in order to hold to their FAITH.

      With that said thank you futurepull for your wonderful blogs…..

    • futurepull says:

      Thank you Matthew for your comments. You’ve opened up all kinds of possibilities for debate. Isn’t it wonderful that we can have different opinions and follow our own truth? In fact, that’s what I addressed in my 101 Questions Blog yesterday. If you read that, you would see that I am not at all religious.

      While I don’t want to ride off in all directions in responding, I do want to comment on your last statement about being careful not to believe that we are the reason for the cause and effect of events. YOu say we are vehicles of the source which is incessantly attempting to become perfectly expressed in us. I think that makes us sound like puppets of the ‘source or god or whatever’. I on the other hand, believe that the Law of Attraction means that we are an integral part of the source, not vehicles of the source, and that we are the reason for the cause and effect of events in our lives, interacting of course with other people and natural events of the universe in the creative process.

      So if I for example, intend and create a book, I am absolutely the cause of that book being written and the effect (the book) is because of me writing it. And that is what my book, Future Pull, is all about. Give it a read!

      • I would add that no FAITH was required in creating he book and once people read the book you would allow their responses to the book to lead you to future edits, the way you marketed the book and even the subject of a future book. Your allowing would lead you to ideas and places that you may never have considered before.

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