Stuck in Negativity, Confusion or Wishful Thinking?

Yesterday I addressed the importance of gratitude to manifesting massive change in your life. I suggested that you start keeping a daily gratitude journal.  That’s because journaling and keeping a record of your transformation is hugely important to actually bringing change about.

Perfect timing.  Today marks the launch of a great new book to help you bring change into your life.  Here’s more about it:

If you’re someone committed to personal transformation, you know how easy it is to lose inspiration and momentum with your daily practices.

How often have you found yourself reading a great book that R.O.C.K.E.D Y.O.U.R W.O.R.L.D for three weeks, only to put it back on the shelf, forgetting the tools and strategies, and a year later realizing nothing had changed?

Why Most Self-Help Books Simply Don’t Work

You’ve probably read a million self-help books, but how do you put that knowledge into action and consciously create an awesomely inspired life?

The Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days, represents the idea that you can’t improve your life by simply reading a book.

Just like you can’t lose weight by reading a book on how to lose weight. Knowledge alone won’t bring results. You need to consistently take action & apply that knowledge in your daily life.

The Personal Development Journal You Always Wanted!

What if you had the best personal growth tools and strategies distilled down into a daily step-by-step guided process for connecting to your inner genius and practicing what you already knew in your daily life?

Suddenly the focus is on taking inspired action toward your transformation, instead of wishful thinking, inconsistent hit-and-miss practices and motivation that doesn’t last.

Become a master of your mindset with this premium quality, 432 page full-colour, yearly diary and goal planner complete with worksheets, gratitude lists and daily pages rocking the 8 daily steps for self-mastery.

Also included:

  • •          Weekly and quarterly check-ins and planners that keep you committed, accountable & motivated.
  • •          A yearly review that celebrates your achievements and highlights new opportunities for the coming year.
  • •          Each stage laying the foundation for achieving self-mastery, reaching your potential and consciously creating an awesomely inspired life.

Caution! This journal if used every day, could radically transform, profoundly shape and dynamically alter your destiny!

Click here for information, ordering and special bonuses!

Right now, in this present moment, with your current thoughts, you are creating your future. What’s it going to look like? Success is the sum of small actions repeated every day. What we practice we embody, what we embody we become. Ignite your genius with the dailygreatness journal.

The first 25 to order today will win a Fr*ee copy to give away to a friend as well as special bonus gifts from over 60 partners, 15% or more off the RRP today only & Fr*ee shipping in the USA & UK.

Click here for information, ordering and special bonuses!


About futurepull

I'm a dreamweaver, a sorcerer, co-creator of this brilliant and exciting adventure of life. We're here for the experience, why not make it fun? Try new things, build castles and live in them, paint your future, become friends with eagles and flamingos and iguanas, make a million and give it away. Your future is limited only by your imagination.
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3 Responses to Stuck in Negativity, Confusion or Wishful Thinking?

  1. This is like dieting- weight control. there are thousands of ways to lose weight and only one way to keep the weight off: Lifestyle change. One ends up having to battle their friends, family and culture to make such dramatic changes. I was always an upbeat, positive kid. But as I matured I found that I was surrounded by a world of negativism. I learned that my happiness came from within and the happiness was stolen by outside influences. It took great strength and focus to bring back my positive outlook and not allow myself to be drug back into a world of CAN’T. Thanks so much for the tools futurepull.

  2. lynnbaillie says:

    I definitely agree, consistent action is what is needed to achieve success in any area of life. As you’ve suggested, writing stuff down in a journal is a great way to keep on track and stay focused.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here,


  3. I¡¯m still learning from you, while I¡¯m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely liked reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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