Start of the 31 Day Blog Challenge

One Month + One Goal + $1 a Day = Massive Change

And we’re off!  It’s the beginning of another 31 day blog challenge and i’ve decided to take part because the last one, which ran throughout July, was such a great motivator.  I posted a blog every single day and my readership and comments stats grew as a result.

This time, I thought that the start-up of a new Blog Challenge would be a great time to also introduce my new program:  One Month + One Goal + $1 a Day = Amazing Change.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may remember that I posted about D.U.M.B. goals–Daring, Unlimited, and Mind-Blowing.  I talked about how for years I had taught the usual S.M.A.R.T. goals system with disappointing results.  Disappointing for me as the facilitator and disappointing for the people who were following all the rules and trying so hard to achieve their S.M.A.R.T. goals.  Then I realized that people who, in spite of all odds and all that they were taught, chose to pursue D.U.M.B. goals were not only more enthused but also more likely to achieve them.

The key difference is that D.U.M.B. goals are those that are from the heart, that the person believes in and wants with their whole heart, and get them up in the morning ready to work and keep them going even when things hit a rough spot or drag on endlessly.  Like any accomplishment, once you’ve done something once, you have increased confidence and belief that you can do it again–resulting in even more success.  So I became a big believer in D.U.M.B. goals.  I also became a big believer in starting with something you absolutely want and are committed to but also that you believe you can accomplish.  Sounds like it should be common knowledge right?  You start with a smaller, more achievable goal and then, when you gain confidence and skill, you move steadily on to bigger and tougher goals.

So many of us start of the year with great intentions–I mean goals.  We have a whole list usually and then by the middle of January, we can’t even remember what they were.  And by the middle of August, where we are right now, we’ve given up completely and it appears that we’ll probably end the year just like any other.

Let me make a guess and I apologize in advance if it hits a bit too close to the bone.  It isn’t meant to be offensive, it’s meant to be objective – a wake up call.

  1.  You have broken your new years resolutions
  2. You will make the same amount of money as the average of your last five years total income.
  3. You will gain two pounds of body fat
  4. You will struggle with the same habits and behaviours that have always held you back
  5. You will get to the end of 2012 and be disappointed that you made so little progress this year.

Sound like you?  Statistically speaking, that’s the reality for just about everyone.  And it’s a safe bet that it is the reality for you too.  That is, if you don’t make some necessary changes and stick with them.

I know you aren’t EVERYONE.  Those are stats and stats don’t apply to you as an individual, right?  You can stand out and choose not to be part of the norm.  You can be the few – very few – who achieve your goals.  Do you want this year to be the turning point for you?  I do.

Would you like to make this year, 2012, different?  You can.  Suppose you decided – today – right now – that you are going to make a real commitment to turn your dreams into reality?

I’m going to and I’m going to start with one goal for one month – that makes it so much more doable, don’t you think?  I’m going to commit to getting my painting series finished and following up to get a solo show in a local coffee shop.  That is my one goal for September.  What’s yours?

I’m also going to launch my new program, One Month + One Goal + $1 a Day.  It’s exactly how it sounds and you can go and check it out here and sign up to join me.  You can also click on the logo to take you to the video to find out more about it.

I hope you’ll join me because as we all know from reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, , the accountability and support of a mastermind can make amazing things happen.  And I’m ready for those amazing things to happen in my life!


About futurepull

I'm a dreamweaver, a sorcerer, co-creator of this brilliant and exciting adventure of life. We're here for the experience, why not make it fun? Try new things, build castles and live in them, paint your future, become friends with eagles and flamingos and iguanas, make a million and give it away. Your future is limited only by your imagination.
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2 Responses to Start of the 31 Day Blog Challenge

  1. Jacquie I am amazed at how you read my mind! I took a class where we talked about S.M.A.R.T. goals and I too felt very disconnected from the process. I like D.U.M.B. and believe it works better because the goals you set tend to be bigger and BRIGHTER and more exciting to you, which in the end is the greatest motivator. Thank you for this!

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