Steer clear of Psychic Vampires

invanka smiling

Ivanka says ‘don’t spend time with poo poo people’

Have you ever known a Psychic Vampire?  They don’t dress all in goth.  They come out during the day.  They don’t sleep in coffins.  They can see themselves in mirrors.  But there are still some signs that they are near.  When you feel your natural positive energy and enthusiasm seeps out as if you’ve been punctured, you’ve probably been in contact with a Psychic Vampire.   Even though they don’t feast on your blood, they are just as deadly as real vampires (if you can use real and vampire in the same sentence).


We live in an energy soup.  As part of the great Universe we are intimately connected to everything and everyone around us.  That’s why others can so profoundly affect our energy level, our mood, our motivation and our happiness and why we so profoundly affect others.  What a great responsibility!  We not only have to be careful not to negatively affect the energy of others through careless words; we have to be on guard so that others don’t suck the joy out of our own lives.


Joanne Waytowich is a multi-talented Thunder Bay woman who, through her alter-ego, Ivanka, delivers a stand-up comedy/motivational routine that warns us about those ‘poo poo people’.  Ivanka, a loud, enthusiastic middle-aged woman of some indeterminate European heritage, has starred in five full-length musicals, toured Canada from coast to coast, written advice columns, and even has a day named after her in Barrie, Ontario.  In her one-person show, Ivanka Chews the Fat, Joanne Waytowich, a social worker by profession, presents ten points for a personal tune-up.  Point number three is simple:  don’t spend time with ‘poo poo’ people. 


We all have ‘poo poo’ people in our lives and they aren’t all Psychic Vampires.  Some are well-meaning, they just want to warn you away from what they view as ‘danger’ and in doing so, skewer your dreams and drain your enthusiasm and joy.  Then there are those who seem to be just so full of ‘poo’ that they just want to share.  You know the type.  They see the world through mud-colored glasses and think that those of us with rose-colored glasses are just vision-impaired.  While they are exhausting to be around and can drag down your mood, they aren’t malignant children of the devil (okay so I’m being melodramatic).


Then we have the true Psychic Vampires.  These are the people who, for their own reasons, truly do intend the damage they do.  Sometimes they are the people who need to put others down to feel better about themself. 


Some are actually narcissists and sociopaths.  Did you know that sociopathy is far more common than most people know?  Apparently at least 1 out of 25 people rate fairly high on the sociopathy scale.  Sociopathy is a continuum.  One large organization funded a study to identify sociopathic tendencies, thinking that perhaps they could hire people who scored at some level of sociopathy so that they’d be more ruthless as managers and not be so likely to have gentle feelings about employees that might stop them from cracking down when necessary.  However, it turned out that because sociopaths are totally self-focused, they really had no loyalty to the company either so they were too much of a risk. 


Psychic Vampires may rate fairly high on the sociopathy scale, truly not caring about the impact that their words or actions have on other people.  The problem is that true sociopaths are often charming and charismatic.  They are able for a time, to imitate the natural feelings of ‘normal’ people and appear to be caring and empathetic.  But it is a false front and takes energy to maintain so at some point the façade cracks and you can see through it to the cold dark inside. 

Psychic Vampires are disastrous to your energy level and should be avoided at all costs.  How will you know when you’ve run into a Psychic Vampire?  You won’t see puncture wounds in your throat but if you could see the edges of your energy field, you’d probably see a few holes there. 


If, after exchanging a few words with someone, you feel puzzled and think, “Was I just insulted?   Did that person just put me down?”  Well then, yeah, you probably were.  If after sharing your dreams with someone, you feel completely deflated and have no enthusiasm or belief in them anymore, then you probably shared them with a Psychic Vampire.  If you try to stand up for yourself or your ideas and are accused of taking it personally or misunderstanding, I suggest you trust your instincts and avoid that person because Psychic Vampires are skilled at turning the tables. 


Maintaining our energy and positive outlook is crucial; we need a high level of attention and intention to help us manifest our goals.  Allowing a ‘poo poo’ person or Psychic Vampire to infiltrate your energy field and suck it dry will set you back for days or weeks.


So how can you deal with the energy suckers?  Fighting won’t help.   They feed on that because let’s face it fighting is negative and they love negative.  Just turn your back and walk away.  Follow Ivanka’s suggestion and “don’t spend time – any time – with ‘poo poo’ people”. 



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I'm a dreamweaver, a sorcerer, co-creator of this brilliant and exciting adventure of life. We're here for the experience, why not make it fun? Try new things, build castles and live in them, paint your future, become friends with eagles and flamingos and iguanas, make a million and give it away. Your future is limited only by your imagination.
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4 Responses to Steer clear of Psychic Vampires

  1. Julia Busch says:

    Yes, it is very important to guard poo poo people. There is much more going on in this universe than most are aware of.
    In my conversations with Hammal Cahone, Head of the Cosmic Angelic Force, which I documented in my book, My Secret Life with an Angel: The Earth in the Seventh Circle, he explains many things; of the scariest were vampire entities and fragments. Your poo poo people may be doing much more than simply robbing you of your energy.
    Auras can be torn and a soul can disembody, leaving a shell that can be “driven” by a vampire entity, in other words, the poo poo person you think of as Joe Somebody, may not really be “home.”
    The book contains a great deal more information than a blog comment allows. But to try to explain briefly: it’s a given that we live in a polar universe in which opposites exist, such as light and dark, good and evil.
    When a soul goes out of balance in the extreme, confused or muddled thinking directs itself to the soul.
    People with negative entities that ride in their auras can invite other grieving souls that share a similar negative tone or vibration into their lives and into their auras. Entities with sufficient force can eventually take them over. This is exactly what happens.
    There are also embodied souls with vampire qualities. When two such vampire vibrations are present in the same room, much damage is caused to the souls around them.
    By themselves, vampires can rip open an aura and place a vampire fragment into it, causing a soul that was formerly not grieving to grieve. This is why it’s very important to constantly pray for protection and guard your aura. Anyone whose hunger is too strong to be contained can become a vampire spirit.
    Hammal pointed out acquaintances and students of mine, to show me what he was talking about:
    “Frank’s soul almost completely left, letting a vampire spirit in. In his case it was a general vampire spirit which is not sent by an individual. His wife has been a vampire spirit, time and time again. She is no longer herself but is a vampire. Janet Jefferson is also a general vampire spirit.
    “One who is very close to you has two weak spots in her auras. One is in the astral aura—this is because she is hungry and desirous of things that do not belong to her in this life. The other spot occurred because the spherical force was slowed down by muddled thought. She deliberately causes her own confusion and needs to think more clearly. A vampire can send a grieving soul into these holes. Although she will have no contact with a vampire in this life, serious illness is possible unless her thinking is revised.
    “Your friend Carol has a high probability of being consumed. She is being eaten away at.
    “Gloria Bambini left her body four months and three weeks ago. Her soul left because of weakness, selfishness and hatred. Her mother, an actual vampire soul, finally took over Gloria’s body. Gloria always fought it but she finally gave in. The person you know is no longer Gloria. Death awaits her—impure yellow directed by black forces eats away at the truth. She, too, has been a vampire in a former life.”
    These are just people that you would meet anywhere, at a neighborhood barbecue, at the movies, in the supermarket. There is much more. But yes, guard against poo poo people.

    • futurepull says:

      Wow Julia. You brought back memories of the early 2000 when I took past life regression and feng shui. We learned to invoke protection before going in to a home to do a feng shui consultation or space clearing. At the time I was sceptical until I saw the results of bad energy infiltration. That’s one of the reasons why, even though I am a certified feng shui practitioner, I don’t actually use my certification to consult or do space clearing. Unfortunately, people who are just basically evil or empty are skilled at pretending to be not only benign but even actively good. Often charming and charismatic. But inside, sad, envious and angry.

  2. What a great article and a great conversation that was started because of it. I too teach people about energetic vampires – having barely survived a business partnership with one. I do mean the barely survived part literally. Now I sometimes help clear that crap out for people’s energy fields and teach them how to do it themselves, In my own case, encountering vampires taught me a lot of things, and I am actually stronger and wiser because of it. Took awhile to get there though. Thanks again for a great post.

  3. futurepull says:

    Well I have been emotionally connected, at least on my end because I don’t think sociopaths can have a true connection, with someone who is a classic narcissist and sociopath for ten years. I lost a great deal during that time, not just material things but self esteem, trust, and the respect of my friends and family who couldn’t believe I was being so stupid. The funny thing is that this type of person, although they think that everyone thinks they are amazing and believing that feeds their very needy ego, they never realize that most people see through them. Really the only person sometimes who gets sucked in is the person they are trying to fool. It must take energy for them to do that and so it has to be focused – or something. They make all kinds of excuses for their bad behaviour and sometimes, for the sake of keeping peace, people pretend to believe it, but the reality is that they do what they want regardless of whether it’s right or wrong or whether it hurts people. Their extreme neediness and constant ego feeding is why they are so draining and exhausting and dangerous to be around. It’s like you’re constantly feeding someone and there’s no nourishment for yourself. But because they can’t see that and will never see it, it’s of no use to argue or try to discuss it, you’ll just get hurt and if they are vindictive, and they probably are, you’ll also have to watch your back. Better to walk away and firmly close all doors that might allow them in.

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