A story of serendipity and flow

When it’s all working and you are in flow, it truly is like you are riding down a river, going with the current, moving rapidly and heading into new territory.  No struggle.  Just flow.

Back when my dream was to own a home, a whole series of events and chance meetings led ultimately to the purchase of the house I now own. First of all, on the morning before New Years Day, my son and I went for breakfast. There I met a man, Mike, who had been in one of my early life skills programs. Mike had a beautiful German shepherd and in the process of greeting him and catching up on the years since I had last seen him, I asked how the dog was. He said she had just had puppies and asked me if I would like one. As I have mentioned, I was living in a housing cooperative where the pet limit was eight legs maximum so I said, “Oh I wish I could but I already have two cats.”

My son said, “Come on, mum, you need to move out of there anyway. You’ve always wanted a German shepherd.” He then told Mike to bring his dogs over for me to choose one. I objected but both John and Mike overruled me.

An hour later, Mike was at my door with the two most beautiful little German shepherd puppies. One of them immediately chose me and so I was the owner of the dog of my Ideal Day.

That night, at a New Years Eve party, I was talking to someone about needing to buy a house and telling them that I was pretty sure I’d never be approved for a mortgage. Someone that I barely knew overheard me and told me to try his investment company because he had felt the same way but was approved and, in fact, received a lower mortgage rate because he became a client.

I followed up and received a pre-approved mortgage. When I went back to work after the holidays, I told a friend what I had done, that I now had a dog and I was looking for a house. She said her daughter had a friend who was pregnant and they were thinking of selling their little house and buying a larger one. That night she called me and said she had spoken to them and I could go and see it if I wanted, even though it wasn’t on the market. Well, it was perfect and it had a very large fully fenced yard, perfect for my dog, Ruby. Within days we had come to an agreement and I was the proud owner of my very first home.

From start to finish it was a symphony of serendipity and synchronicity and it rolled out effortlessly. That’s another sign of when the Universe is showing you the way; it will be seamless and feel like it was meant to happen.

If the road is fraught with problems, it is often a sign that it’s the wrong road. For example, after I had grown my business and won several government contracts, I went from a sole owner, home based business to a small business with twelve staff. At one point we were looking for a new location and the one I had my heart set on was suddenly rented to someone else and I lost out. I was disappointed and grumpy.

I remember one of the staff, Shantelle, said in a cheery, extremely irritating way, “Well that’s okay. It just means there’s something better right around the corner.”  You know, sometimes it doesn’t matter whether that’s true or whether it’s just what you would normally believe in, at that moment I was just plain grouchy and unappreciative of her optimism. In fact I was kind of snarly. But she was right. A few days later we heard about another possibility that was less expensive, a storefront on a main street that would be much more visible. The road to renting that location was smooth and trouble-free. A sure sign it was the right choice.

We are not privy to the workings of the Universe and sometimes have to trust that it is all unfolding as it should. If you believe that the Universe is beneficent and bountiful, it is a lot easier to trust that all will work out. I have had much evidence that I am blessed and protected by the Universe so I find it, usually, easy to believe that things are working or will work out in my favour.

Sometimes, for example, I have a day where everything is going wrong. You know the kind of day I am talking about. I’m running late, slept in, can’t find my keys and then perhaps run into construction that forces me to change my usual route. I can take those delays calmly because I believe that, even though I may not always know why, it is probably better for me to follow my instincts than to push through no matter what. I know that if I stay relaxed and follow the signs, it will be better for me in the end. It always is.

Oh sure, I also have days when it appears everything is going wrong and I’m not so relaxed about it. When I get stressed and start to make it all about me, that’s when I end up in a bad place. That’s when I lose my connection to the Universe and when I start to make bad choices. That’s when I need to step back, refocus on what’s important and what isn’t, and then go with the flow. No use swimming upstream when you can float downstream so much more easily.

If it seems like a struggle, then you are probably fighting the flow of the Universe. A friend described it this way, “It’s like the difference between getting on a plane and letting it fly you to your destination and strapping a plane on your back and flapping your arms wildly.”

If you have clearly set an intention and created the future you were meant to live, then it will pull you effortlessly towards it. You just need to let go, watch for the signs, and follow them.

I recently made the decision to move to Ottawa–a big move, two days drive away.  I want to be closer to my family.  I’d like to have my job transferred there but I don’t know if that will happen.  I’ve started to take action, walking towards my dream and my ideal day and I am confident that as I do, everything will fall into place.  I feel good about this as though the Universe is on my side.

Can you think of any times in the past when you were the recipient of serendipity or synchronicity?  Did you follow the signs?  What was the result?  Have you ever had a sign and chosen to ignore it?  How do you feel about that now?  How might things have been different if you had followed it?

What is your body’s response when you receive a sign from the universe of something good?  How about a warning?  How does your body respond when there is something you should move away from or avoid?

About futurepull

I'm a dreamweaver, a sorcerer, co-creator of this brilliant and exciting adventure of life. We're here for the experience, why not make it fun? Try new things, build castles and live in them, paint your future, become friends with eagles and flamingos and iguanas, make a million and give it away. Your future is limited only by your imagination.
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  1. Mark Michael says:

    All things flow together, sometimes magically.

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