Ask a Question

The Law of Attraction, although it is very simple really, can seem complicated to a newcomer.  

The simple part is this:  you attract into your life whatever  you think about, focus on and feel strongly about.  Couldn’t be simpler, right?

I can read your mind.  You’re thinking:  What do you mean by attract into my life?  What do you mean ‘focus on’?  So are you saying that if I think about getting run over by a car…smash….a car comes careening at me?  C’mon!  Or do I have to focus on it for a certain amount of time?  How long?  And what do you mean ‘feel strongly about’?  Strongly good?  Or strongly bad?  Or just strongly?

Perhaps you believed in the Law of Attraction.  You saw The Secret.  You made a vision board.  You waited.  Nada. Now you aren’t so sure.

Or maybe you always were on the fence when it comes to the Law of Attraction.  Sounds nice but…..  You’re thinking, ‘If it’s so great, why haven’t I won the lottery, because I think about it all the time?’ 

Or maybe you do believe in the Law of Attraction and you have had some success in manifesting your own miracles but you want to step it up. 

Whatever your situation, belief or understanding, if you have a question, just ask.  I will do my best to answer promptly, clearly and honestly. 

What do you want to know? Just ask.

2 Responses to Ask a Question

  1. Jim says:

    I “accidently” came across your daily blogg (serendipity) and I’am wondering why they appear to stop on the 5thOctober 2012. Have I missed something ?

  2. messy30 says:

    I would love to get in touch and find out how you found the means to help others find their passion?

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