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Balancing Gratitude with Desire

Perhaps the most difficult part of the whole Law of Attraction thing is the Allowing part.  Allowing is when you get out of your way, wait with anticipation and welcome your future into your life.  Feeling desperate or needy or … Continue reading

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What does God see when he looks at us?

What does god see when he looks at us? Do you ever have one of those nights where, instead of dreaming, you are more like contemplating DEEP THOUGHTS. For me, last night was one of those nights. Warning! This post … Continue reading

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Start Intending and Power It Up with Visualization

So what makes the difference between a wish and an intention? An intention is clear and focused and it has energy.  When you state an intention you must state it as though there is absolutely no doubt that it will … Continue reading

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Create Your Ideal Day – This is Fun and it WORKS!

Okay, so yesterday I suggested you need to forget about S.M.A.R.T. goals and instead let yourself go and daydream.  Come up with the most exciting vision of what you want your life to become–that’s the whole idea behind Future Pull. … Continue reading

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Forget S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Set D.U.M.B. Goals Instead

It’s time to dream!  It’s time to create your vision of your ideal life so that the path to reach it can unfold effortlessly.  It’s time to set the power of Future Pull in motion.  This will be fun.  Are … Continue reading

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The Nature of Time – Part Two

Okay back to time and what it is.  By the way, I did a great deal of research about the nature of time.  It was all just mind-boggling to me.  Even after that, I needed to verify my my understanding … Continue reading

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My Advice to My Younger Self

Well great things have resulted from yesterday’s post.  Misty Bastian Trammel who lives a new age hippie existence in Oregon with her husband and two beautiful girls, suggested not only a question but a quotation to go with it.  I … Continue reading

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Another Commercial Break – Wordle – A Great Idea

Now here is a  truly GREAT IDEA.  You may have heard of Wordle, seen Wordles and thought they were pretty neat, or you may have created a few of your own.  This is a Wordle I just created from the … Continue reading

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Desperate Dan – a Quick Detour into the 1950s

Detour alert!  The other day, while I was Googling for an  image to go with one of my blog posts, I came across a picture that brought  back such fond memories that I have to take a brief detour. The … Continue reading

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Did You Guess? What’s a 7%-er?

Did you get it?  Did you figure out what it means to be a 7%-er?  A 7%-er is a left-handed person and, yes, it appears that, even though only about 7% of the general population are left-handed, a greater percentage … Continue reading

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