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How to be an Inspiration – The Short List

Let me ask you a question.  Who inspires you? A famous, perhaps iconic figure?  Perhaps Prince–who just sadly died yesterday and is top of everyone’s mind?  A great humanitarian like Gandhi or Mother Theresa? A parent or some other friend … Continue reading

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Steer clear of Psychic Vampires

Have you ever known a Psychic Vampire?  They don’t dress all in goth.  They come out during the day.  They don’t sleep in coffins.  They can see themselves in mirrors.  But there are still some signs that they are near.  … Continue reading

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The Four Levels of Intention

Intention is a powerful thing.  Combined with passion it is virtually unstoppable.  Intention is more than just wishing; it’s more than wanting; it’s more than affirmation.  It leaves no other option than to attain what you focus your attention on.  … Continue reading

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