A story of serendipity and flow

When it’s all working and you are in flow, it truly is like you are riding down a river, going with the current, moving rapidly and heading into new territory.  No struggle.  Just flow.

Back when my dream was to own a home, a whole series of events and chance meetings led ultimately to the purchase of the house I now own. First of all, on the morning before New Years Day, my son and I went for breakfast. There I met a man, Mike, who had been in one of my early life skills programs. Mike had a beautiful German shepherd and in the process of greeting him and catching up on the years since I had last seen him, I asked how the dog was. He said she had just had puppies and asked me if I would like one. As I have mentioned, I was living in a housing cooperative where the pet limit was eight legs maximum so I said, “Oh I wish I could but I already have two cats.”

My son said, “Come on, mum, you need to move out of there anyway. You’ve always wanted a German shepherd.” He then told Mike to bring his dogs over for me to choose one. I objected but both John and Mike overruled me.

An hour later, Mike was at my door with the two most beautiful little German shepherd puppies. One of them immediately chose me and so I was the owner of the dog of my Ideal Day.

That night, at a New Years Eve party, I was talking to someone about needing to buy a house and telling them that I was pretty sure I’d never be approved for a mortgage. Someone that I barely knew overheard me and told me to try his investment company because he had felt the same way but was approved and, in fact, received a lower mortgage rate because he became a client.

I followed up and received a pre-approved mortgage. When I went back to work after the holidays, I told a friend what I had done, that I now had a dog and I was looking for a house. She said her daughter had a friend who was pregnant and they were thinking of selling their little house and buying a larger one. That night she called me and said she had spoken to them and I could go and see it if I wanted, even though it wasn’t on the market. Well, it was perfect and it had a very large fully fenced yard, perfect for my dog, Ruby. Within days we had come to an agreement and I was the proud owner of my very first home.

From start to finish it was a symphony of serendipity and synchronicity and it rolled out effortlessly. That’s another sign of when the Universe is showing you the way; it will be seamless and feel like it was meant to happen.

If the road is fraught with problems, it is often a sign that it’s the wrong road. For example, after I had grown my business and won several government contracts, I went from a sole owner, home based business to a small business with twelve staff. At one point we were looking for a new location and the one I had my heart set on was suddenly rented to someone else and I lost out. I was disappointed and grumpy.

I remember one of the staff, Shantelle, said in a cheery, extremely irritating way, “Well that’s okay. It just means there’s something better right around the corner.”  You know, sometimes it doesn’t matter whether that’s true or whether it’s just what you would normally believe in, at that moment I was just plain grouchy and unappreciative of her optimism. In fact I was kind of snarly. But she was right. A few days later we heard about another possibility that was less expensive, a storefront on a main street that would be much more visible. The road to renting that location was smooth and trouble-free. A sure sign it was the right choice.

We are not privy to the workings of the Universe and sometimes have to trust that it is all unfolding as it should. If you believe that the Universe is beneficent and bountiful, it is a lot easier to trust that all will work out. I have had much evidence that I am blessed and protected by the Universe so I find it, usually, easy to believe that things are working or will work out in my favour.

Sometimes, for example, I have a day where everything is going wrong. You know the kind of day I am talking about. I’m running late, slept in, can’t find my keys and then perhaps run into construction that forces me to change my usual route. I can take those delays calmly because I believe that, even though I may not always know why, it is probably better for me to follow my instincts than to push through no matter what. I know that if I stay relaxed and follow the signs, it will be better for me in the end. It always is.

Oh sure, I also have days when it appears everything is going wrong and I’m not so relaxed about it. When I get stressed and start to make it all about me, that’s when I end up in a bad place. That’s when I lose my connection to the Universe and when I start to make bad choices. That’s when I need to step back, refocus on what’s important and what isn’t, and then go with the flow. No use swimming upstream when you can float downstream so much more easily.

If it seems like a struggle, then you are probably fighting the flow of the Universe. A friend described it this way, “It’s like the difference between getting on a plane and letting it fly you to your destination and strapping a plane on your back and flapping your arms wildly.”

If you have clearly set an intention and created the future you were meant to live, then it will pull you effortlessly towards it. You just need to let go, watch for the signs, and follow them.

I recently made the decision to move to Ottawa–a big move, two days drive away.  I want to be closer to my family.  I’d like to have my job transferred there but I don’t know if that will happen.  I’ve started to take action, walking towards my dream and my ideal day and I am confident that as I do, everything will fall into place.  I feel good about this as though the Universe is on my side.

Can you think of any times in the past when you were the recipient of serendipity or synchronicity?  Did you follow the signs?  What was the result?  Have you ever had a sign and chosen to ignore it?  How do you feel about that now?  How might things have been different if you had followed it?

What is your body’s response when you receive a sign from the universe of something good?  How about a warning?  How does your body respond when there is something you should move away from or avoid?

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Tune into your inner guidance system

Now that I’m three days into another blog challenge, I want to continue on with the excerpts from my book Future Pull.  We left off talking about Serendipity and Synchronicity.

Right now I feel like I’m living in a little whirlwind of synchronicity.  This year has felt like a year of change and it seems to be a theme running through my life right now.   Sometimes, I think the messages from the Universe are so blatant it’s almost like I’m being slapped in the face with a dead fish (one of my favorite sayings–can you believe I found a fish slap picture?).  But even then it can be easy to miss the clues.

Even if your universal positioning system is tuned to the right frequency, the message can still be distorted. Just like when you’re listening to the radio, too much static will make it impossible to discern what the message really is. All you’ll hear is noise. Static that interferes with your ability to tune in to the frequency of the Universe could be many things —distractions, negative thoughts, clutter, mental junk food. Taking time to be quiet and connect with your deeper self, the Universe within you, will help to reduce the static and allow you to tune in and receive your clues from the Universe more clearly.

So what will it sound like when the Universe sends you a message, ‘go this way’, or ‘that’s the wrong way, don’t go there’?  Often, it’s a gut feeling or what we call intuition. A ‘follow this star’ feeling might be excitement, happiness, joy, heightened interest, or just a calm and quiet assurance that this is the right thing to do. A ‘wrong way’ sign is perhaps a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right, a suspicion that something is too good to be true, a hesitation.

On occasion I’ve ignored those warning signs to my own detriment. I have sometimes talked myself out of them because I have tried to give people the benefit of the doubt when I have a suspicion that they aren’t quite who they say they are. The Bible says, in 2 Corinthians 11:14 that, “even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”

Now I don’t believe in Satan but I think that verse is still a good warning that sometimes tempting things are not good for us. Look at cake!  Looks great!  Tastes great!  Not good!  It’s much more likely that you’ll misjudge whether something is good for you when you override your inner guidance system with what you think is rational thought.

Your soul, the deep quiet part of you that is connected to everything else in the Universe knows what is right and wrong, what is good and bad and what is safe and not safe. Listen to it. Spend time each day connecting and checking in.

When you are in receipt of a sign from the Universe, you can often tell whether it’s right for you or not by whether it causes you to expand or contract. Expansion, that feeling of your chest opening up, will only happen when it’s safe for you to do so. If the Universe, your inner guidance system, detects danger, it will cause contraction and you’ll feel a sense of constriction or closing up in your chest as you pull in to protect yourself.

You have many senses besides the usual touch, sight, scent, and hearing and your energy field will contract when your body receives a sign that you may be in danger. I saw this happen when I was learning to be a feng shui practitioner. As I mentioned, I had not yet freed myself of my rigid religious beliefs and so when we learned to use a pendulum I was very resistant. Everyone else’s pendulum was swinging freely and mine hung straight and motionless.

At one point, because I was completely unable to make anything happen, I was asked to act as an observer.

One person sat blindfolded on a chair in the middle of the room. Everyone else, or at least everyone else who was able to sense energy, stood around the perimeter of the room and then, with their eyes closed, moved in towards the person in the centre until they sensed the edge of her energy field, where they stopped. They all stopped about five or six feet from the seated person. Then the instructor quietly took a kitchen knife out of a bag and very gently and slowly moved it towards the blindfolded person’s back, stopping about six inches away and returning the knife to the paper bag.

All the energy sensors still had their eyes closed and so did not see what she was doing. They were then instructed to again move to the edge of the seated person’s energy field. Surprisingly, now they were able to move in to approximately a foot from her. Her energy field had shrunk dramatically. It had contracted in response to the threat of the knife even though neither she nor any of the ring of people had seen what the instructor had in the bag.

It was an interesting lesson on how our bodies stay attuned to everything that is going on around us. We are intimately connected to everything and everyone around us and our spidey senses are tuned in even though we may not be aware of it. Getting in touch with your inner self will allow you to take accurate readings and act on the energy that is affecting you.

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For all dog lovers

Charley (the yellow dog) and Brandi sneaking up on the scary riding horse at the playground.

I just got back from walking my dog.  We strolled all around the neighbourhood through the back lanes and Charley was really very good.  A far cry from how he behaved when I first got him.

I got Charley as a rescue dog from the pound.  He had been seriously abused and he was so pathetic that I chose him even though I had really intended to get a much smaller and less hairy dog.  But he was so scared he was shaking and it took four people to carry him to my car because I couldn’t even drag him there.

In retrospect I suspect it was a ploy to be adopted because as soon as we got home he was a happy and rambunctious dog.  In fact, he explored the house and then jumped on my bed and literally jumped up and down in the middle of the bed with a big grin on his face.

But he was still scared and aggressive with men and he was–still is, actually–terrible in the car.  And he was very hard to walk.  In fact, one day he knocked me down trying to chase a car on a busy street and dragged me along the sidewalk.  Because I have two knee replacements, I can’t kneel and I had trouble getting up.  When I finally wrestled him to the ground and got up, I was so mad that I walked him home with the leash so tight he was almost on tippy-toe.

Then I got him a prong collar and he must have been trained on one because he was ecstatic when he saw it–and a perfectly behaved dog on every walk since.

Charley now expects everyone to love him–and almost everyone does.  Some small dogs attack him and usually take him by surprise because he expects to be friends with all dogs.

Since I am planning to make a major life change and move, I expect to live in an apartment and I’m kind of puzzled as to how people handle dogs in an apartment.  You obviously can’t just open the door and say, ‘Go pee’.  So do people as soon as they wake up, throw a coat on over their jammies and take their dog for a walk, no matter what the weather?  Do they do the same thing just before climbing into bed?

It will definitely require a change of habits for me and some self-discipline.  So I’ve started practicing.  I’ve been taking Charley for a short walk every night just before bed and a short walk when I first get up.  Okay so the short walk in the morning is the length of my backyard.  I make a coffee and walk ‘my back forty’–the forty steps that takes me from the edge of my deck to my big Colorado blue spruce about half way down my property.  It’s a start.   I’ll build up to a real walk in a few weeks.  I’m also walking Charley all around the neighbourhood every day right after work.

Needless to say, he’s so happy to be getting so many walks.  Dogs are creatures of habit and he’s quickly decided this is the routine, so as soon as I walk in the door he’s ready to go.  And that will probably last for the rest of his life.

My previous dog, a beautiful German Shepherd named Ruby, used to come to work with me every day.  It was my business so I had that privilege.  Ruby loved going to work and she was the greeter.  Kids at the day care down the street used to come by and give Ruby treats.  She loved that except when it was Hallowe’en because she was scared of the costumes.  When I shut that business down and got a ‘real job’ and could no longer take Ruby to work, I couldn’t even say ‘work’ because she’d get excited and then disappointed.  I sure do miss Ruby.

If you’re a dog lover like me, you’re going to love the book I want to tell you about.  I’m a joint venture partner on this new book launch and I can honestly say I’m proud to be part of this launch.

It’s a book about a dog who used natural means to treat his own cancer.  Here’s more information about this great little book.

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Did you check the link?  Doesn’t that look like a great book?

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Nothing is ever nothing

As I continue to declutter and pack up my house, I am finding new gems; old scraps of paper with thoughts and writings.  This is my latest find:

Nothing is ever nothing.  We all make an imprint on our world—on the big world, not just our own small world—every minute of every day—good or bad.  Every time we have even a moment’s contact with another person we affect them in some way.  Like a tiny pebble dropped in a calm pool or a raindrop splashing in a puddle, the ripples spread out and eventually affect the energy of the water all across the pond or puddle.  But of course you know that.

When you smile at the person who hands you your morning coffee; when you say thank you to the person who takes your money for the morning paper; when you answer phone to someone who has dialed a wrong number and respond pleasantly; when you walk your dog at night and smile at a passerby—every small contact affects them for good or bad.  But of course you know that.

Nothing is ever nothing. All day long you make life either better or worse for other people in some small way.  If you work on an assembly line, how well you do your job affects the ability of the people down the line to do their job efficiently.  It affects the safety of the people who ultimately use the product you are producing. When you buy your sandwich for lunch, you contribute to the income of the person serving you, the person who prepared the food, the person who delivered the ingredients to the restaurant, the person who picked the tomato or made the bread, and the person who built the equipment that plowed the field where the wheat was grown.  Of course you know that.

We are all part of the miraculous web of life.  Just like a spider’s web on a dewy morning, if you touch one silken thread the whole web quivers.  But of course you know that.  We all know that.

People you don’t know and have never heard of or met and never will are affected by your attitude and your action.  Nothing is ever nothing.

Would you behave differently if you knew the person you smiled at and thanked was considering suicide and you, by that small action, stopped them?  Or that a mother would go home and treat their child better because they had been affected by the respect and kindness you showed them?  A smile is important.  A thank you could make the difference between life and death.  But of course you know that.

If you lived your life in full awareness that every action you take, no matter how tiny, could affect untold numbers of people as the ripples spread across the world—how would that change your choices and behaviour?  What if you remembered that nothing if ever nothing?  Because of course you know that.  We all do.

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A little gem I found in a box

I am busy decluttering and packing stuff up.  I have to empty my office/studio so that I can get new flooring in there.  As I’m clearing out boxes and shelves, I am finding ‘stuff’ I haven’t seen in years.  Some of them are real gems.  This is one I just found and I want to share it with you.  I don’t know where it came from–whether I wrote it or just heard it or read it and copied it–so if it isn’t mine I am grateful to whoever came up with it.

What if today, Jackie, was your day?  The most amazing day of your life so far?  A day that would change everything for the better?  What’s already good would become great.  What’s already greaat would become amazing.  And what’s already amazing, would become the stuff of legends.

And what if, Jackie, all you had to do to take advantage of the good and wonderful things about to happen to you was to treat folks with a true and eager kindness.  What if all you had to do was think mostly of those things that please you and go out into the world just a bit, where you could meet and mingle and express your love for everyone and everything.

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The Marriage Mouse

I’ve decided to make a huge change in my life.  I’m going to uproot myself, sell my house, change my job and make a big move halfway across the country.  I want to live closer to my son and his family–including my two new grandsons.

As I started planning my change and taking action, I couldn’t help but start to think about all the ways my life might change if I was living in a much bigger city.  I’d have to put forth an effort to make new friends because I know no one there.  I’d have to create a new social life.  But I’d also have more opportunities because it’s a bigger city.

It reminded me of a friend who had decided to make a move like this but she was making it because she felt that the market for potential relationships here was seriously lacking.  That very summer she met her ‘forever’ man and is now living happily ever after.  I can’t help but wonder if I might meet someone nice in a new town.  I’d have a new outlook — you never know.  Perhaps that’s why Marcia Reece and her new book is appealing to me and I decided to become part of her book launch.  Here’s a little bit about her story and her new book.  (I especially like the part about being able to tell the difference between a mouse and a rat, cuz I’ve met a few rats.)

I don’t know whether or not you’ve heard of Marcia Reece (if you haven’t, I promise I’ll tell you more about her in a minute)…

Marcia’s book, Secrets of the Marriage Mouse, recounts her journey to find her Forever Love (soul mate) after being married for 24 years, growing and selling a very successful toy manufacturing company and then finding herself divorced and alone.  The next 12 years were years of deep introspection and enormous self growth.

In trying to figure out how to find a relationship as successful as her business had been, she applied principles she used to build a multi-million business success in her new business of finding a Forever Love.  Her 4 Proven Steps have worked each and every time they are used.  The 4 Proven Steps woven in with the Magic of the Marriage Mouse (a German legend dating back to the early 1800’s) gave her a formula that formed the inception of her book.

And it still works today; it’s worked over and over again!!  Marcia and her Forever Love, Ted, are now blissfully married as are so many others who have used her 4 Proven Steps…

So when she has news this big, I’m excited to be able to share it with you.  (Here’s a hint: You’re going to hear about a FANTASTIC give-away she’s put together for you!)

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Marcia is the inventor and marketing genius behind the world famous Sidewalk Chalk.  Marcia has worked with Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us…all the retailing giants as well as fast food promotional giants like McDonalds, Dairy Queen, A&W, and so many others. She has been covered by the national and local news and print media.  Marcia has worked with dozens and dozens of consumer product companies to help create product lines and bring those products to store shelves.

After building her successful company, Marcia found herself, after a 25 year marriage ended, alone and unfulfilled in love…

While she’d been able to achieve great things in almost every area of her life, she didn’t have that one special person with whom she could share her success, as well as all the small, wonderful moments that truly make life worth living!

Marcia personally learned the lessons she teaches. She tried a real live match maker, an executive dating service, single gourmet clubs, internet dating sites…

She dated 59 men on her journey to Find her Forever Love…

She conducted 12 years of fascinating research and case studies…

She was losing hope and starting to believe that true love just wasn’t written in the stars for her…

It was then she suddenly had one of those lightning-strike “A-ha” moments…

Maybe she could improve her love life by using the same powerful tools and mindset she’d used to create success in other areas of her life. Those tools worked when she applied them to other problem areas, so why shouldn’t it work in the very most important area of her life?

Marcia got busy and applied the same step-by-step processes to her love life that had made her so brilliant in her career…along with some help from a very special Marriage Mouse.

Long story short, she met her husband, Ted, at a ladies’ couture shoe store preview event. It wasn’t long before they both knew they were meant for each other.

He proposed…she accepted…and you know the rest of the story.

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Today is the first day of your Happily Ever After!



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How to Find Your Soul Mate

I’ve read Carolyn Myss’ book Sacred Contracts and I’ve certainly seen that play out in my own life.  I believe that we do, before coming to experience this human life, we make contracts with others who expect to do the same.

I have some people who are in my life, or have been in my life that I am sure contracted with me to provide an opportunity to learn and grow.  Not all were great, fun, loving experiences but I’m sure they were soul-mates.  When you believe that, how can you hold a grudge?  You have to recognize that they fulfilled their part of the contract, like it or not.

Some stick around for a long time.  Some way longer than they should.  And others are gone in an instant.

But the usual term for soul mate is someone who will be your true love and stand by your side–for life.  I believe we all have one.  But how do you find that person?  It seems we are all perhaps spending too much frantic time looking for them and perhaps it’s like Future Pull–you have to be quiet and get in touch with your soul to find your soul mate.  Well perhaps this new book by intuitive Sue Frederick will provide an answer.

Life-long intuitive, Sue Frederick has written the consummate guide to finding and keeping true love. “I See Your Soul Mate” walks you gently through simple, but life-changing tips and techniques to rediscover yourself and find your soul mate standing by your side.

If you’ve ever wondered what you were doing wrong in relationship, Sue will help you get it right. This is not your ordinary relationship book.

Everything you’ve heard from the media, advertisements, dating services, and your friends about finding true love is probably wrong. You won’t find that advice here.

“I See Your Soul Mate” will help you remember who YOU are, what you signed up for, and how to find the partner you made a true-love agreement with before this life began.

Today is the launch so there’s all kinds of goodies that go along with buying the book today.

When you order, you’ll receive these amazing free gifts from Sue: 

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A Message from author Sue Frederick

Some of us get to our great work sooner than others, but we all have many opportunities to get it right. Along the way, we bump into many soul mates who nudge us in the right direction. Our true love waits at the end of the rainbow – our pot of gold for making the journey down the yellow brick road –  moving beyond fear and pain to find our way back home.

Step onto your true path and find your Soul Mate!  Let “I See Your Soul Mate” show you the way.

Plus, you’ll receive a valuable array of free gifts with your order.

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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Okay there’s a limit to the decisions you can make

A long time ago was I was teaching a stress management program at the local college.  It was so long ago that I can’t possibly find my notes and my resources but I distinctly remember finding, during my research, information about how making decision is a form of stress and that we have a sort of limit on how many we can make without burning out.  I jumped right on that because I saw it play out in my own life.  That’s why I had problems with filing–all those papers, all that deciding which file they go in!

At the time I was a struggling single parent and I needed to count every penny.  So it was foolish of me to come home after a day of work and order out or take my son to McDonalds and not just because of the cost.   After learning about the detrimental effects of too many decisions, I came up with what turned out to be a great plan.  Every month, on a Sunday, my least decision-heavy day, I would create a meal plan for the month and do the shopping.  So that I wouldn’t end up going to the store to pick up bread and milk and then spend ridiculous amounts on frozen pizza or ice cream, I started having my milk and bread delivered–I told you it was a long time ago.  In retrospect I am wondering if we ever ate fresh vegetables back then or did we just eat them in the first week of the month and then stick to frozen or canned?  Beats me–it was a long time ago.

Anyway, it worked.  Not only did I save a great deal of money but I lost weight because I ate only what I had planned.  It was a great idea and I should have carried it on.

Perhaps I’ll reinstate it, without the milk and bread delivery of course.  Because it turns out that more recent research backs up what I believed back then.

The other day I was listening to Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, interview Dr. Daniel Amen.  You may have seen Dr. Amen on one of his PBS shows about how the brain works.  Or perhaps you’ve read one of his books.  In this particular interview, he mentioned that making too many decisions in a day can erode your will power.

It makes sense to me–after all, I’ve already tested it.  If you’ve ever watched that horrendous reality tv show, Hoarders-Buried Alive, you’ve seen how people get more and more resistant and weepy as the day goes on.  Having to make all those seemingly small decisions about what to throw out and what to keep is eroding their ability to make those decisions and their will power.

So what does this mean to us?  Well if you are on the road to your ideal life, you are probably making some small but powerful decisions every day that determine where ultimately you will end up.  What to eat for breakfast–a donut or an omelet?  Should I go to the gym or turn off the alarm and turn over?  I want a clear decluttered home, should I toss out that old rug in the back hall that I don’t really like that much?  I want to wear only clothes in perfect condition–do I really want to throw on that old stained t-shirt to go to the store?  Or should I toss it and move me closer to my ideal day?  Should I turn off the tv and spend an hour before bed reading a good book that will stretch my mind?  And those are only the little decisions.

What about the big ones?  Should I start that business?  Should I quit my job and go it alone?  Should I speak my truth and risk ending a job or a relationship?  Should I move?  And where should I move to?

I suggest that you recognize the toll that decisions can make on you and be wary of making the big ones when you’re already perhaps at your limit for the day.

Try to automate some things so that they don’t require a conscious decision.

Set up systems so that you get a lot of decisions over and done with on a fairly quiet day–the way I did with my menu.

If you are doing some job that requires many many decisions, like decluttering, perhaps set up clear irrefutable guidelines that make the actual choice clearer and easier.

Do you have any other ideas for maximizing your ability to make good decisions and not falling prey to deminished will power and choice?

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Did you hear the news? How to protect yourself against bad news

Did you hear the news this morning?  A gunman opened fire near the Empire State Building.  Two people, including the shooter, were killed and eight were injured.  And did you hear that Hurricane Isaac is bashing the Dominican Republic and heading for Florida?  And did you hear about the murder and dismemberment case in Toronto this week?

 If course you know all that.  We are inundated with horror and bloodshed.  It’s like we are living in a 3D horror movie.  Full color (mainly bloodred) and screaming and sirens in Surround Sound.  Is that where you want to live?  Not me!

funhouse mirrorOur world and our reality is composed of what we see and allow into our awareness.  Unfortunately, with the 24/7 negativity we are being force-fed by the media and by the Internet, our reality can become one of unrelenting horror and negativity.  It’s like we are seeing the world through a funhouse mirror—distorted.  We can easily start to believe that killing and fraud and hate and cheating and stealing are the norm rather than the exception. Is that what you believe?  If it is, then it will become your reality.  That’s the nature of the universe and perception.

We don’t have to accept that.  We can turn our attention to the good things that are happening. .  For example, at the same time that news of the disgruntled madman killing a coworker in New York was making the news, there was also another story playing out in the same city.  A woman carrying a child had almost fallen into the subway but had been saved by a brave and selfless bystander.  We hear of brave people like that every day but it’s hard sometimes to find those stories in the middle of the cesspool of negative news. 

 There are two important reasons to be more selective about what we focus on.

 First of all, from the point of view of our own mental health, how can it be healthy to wallow in evil and violence?  It’s like going down to a pond in the woods on a hot day.   One pond is clear and clean and spring fed.  One is an algae filled swamp that receives water from the nearby sewage plant.  Which would you choose to swim in?  Why do you choose to swim in the mental and emotional equivalent of that swamp every day?

Secondly, we must remember that our thoughts are energy and through that energy we are connected to every other thing in the universe.  We have the power to send energy and affect the well-being of our fellow travellers in this life. It’s an awesome power and an awesome responsibility. At this time more than ever we need to be aware of that power and use it for good.

I am not suggesting that you clap your hands over your ears and start going ‘lalalalala’ to drown out any sound of negativity.  The reality is that there are bad things happening.  However, we don’t have to allow them to take up residence in our mind.    

It is impossible to eradicate a thought from your mind unless you fill the space with something else.   If you say to yourself, “I won’t think about how awful it must have been to be in the street when that man started shooting.”  You are going to continue to think about that until you replace that thought with something else. 

That is called the ‘Law of Substitution’.  Your conscious mind can only focus on one thought at a time and you can make a deliberate decision to substitute one thought for another.  The Law of Substitution allows you to crowd out negative thoughts by replacing them with a more positive thought. So in this example, you might make a choice to think abut the upcoming weekend and the fun that you might have with your family.  My new grandson will be born on Monday and I’m going to focus on that instead.

What positive thing can you choose to focus on to crowd out the negative news?

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There is no such thing as chance; and what seems to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.  Friedrich Schiller


Serendipity and synchronicity!  What musical words! They sound like smiles and laughter and dancing and poetry. 

Serendip was one of the ancient names for Sri Lanka and the word serendipity was coined by the 18th century English author, Horace Walpole.  The word was actually based on the title of an old fairy tale called The Three Princes of Serendip.  In one of his essays, Walpole referred to the story and said that, “as their highnesses traveled, they were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of….” 

Synchronicity is when events that are unrelated appear together in a meaningful way.  Synchronicity, a meaningful confluence of events that appear to be unrelated, and serendipity, unexpected happy accidents and discoveries, are two of the ways that you’ll know that the Universe is working to bring the life you dream of into your life.  They are like signposts on the road to your future, guiding you as you make decisions about which way to turn, which path to take.  The Universe will erect the signposts but it’s your responsibility to look for them, pay attention to them and follow their clues.

That’s Synchronicity

When you have a chance meeting with someone you haven’t seen in years and they tell you about a book to read that turns out to be exactly what you need at that moment, you’ve been touched by serendipity.  If a piece of paper blows against your leg on a windy day and it turns out to be an invitation to an audition just when you’ve decided that you’d like to try acting, it most definitely is a sign from the Universe.  You just never know when and how the Universe will send you a message, but you can be sure that if you’ve put out a call—sent out a visual prayer or a clear intention—somehow, someway, someday, the Universe will answer.

We are bombarded with people, noise, information and opportunities.  It’s very much like driving along a busy highway feeling almost assaulted by billboards, neon signs, and moving digital displays. How do you figure out which ones are signs and which ones are just ‘urban blight’?  How do you screen out the extraneous so that you can hone in on the important?  You have a built in automatic universal positioning system.  You just have to fine tune it and keep it turned on.

How Synchronicity Works: Jung via fenryswlf

Your vision board and Ideal Day exercise are components of that automatic universal positioning system.   They act as a filter, helping you to identify and focus on those things that are in line with your larger goals.  It isn’t really a conscious process, but rather acts at a deeper level.  You’ll find that, even though perhaps you haven’t looked at your vision board or read your Ideal Day recently, you’ve made choices that have pulled you closer to the future that you’ve envisioned.  Imagine how much clearer your future will appear and how much easier it will be to navigate the many possible routes to reach it, if you make reviewing your vision board and Ideal Day a daily practice.

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