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The Next Breath is All You Have – Live Mindfully

No matter where you’re heading, what future you are creating and attracting into your life, you have to start from where you are. In fact, right now, the present moment, is all you have. Close your eyes for a moment … Continue reading

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Nothing is ever nothing

As I continue to declutter and pack up my house, I am finding new gems; old scraps of paper with thoughts and writings.  This is my latest find: Nothing is ever nothing.  We all make an imprint on our world—on … Continue reading

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A little gem I found in a box

I am busy decluttering and packing stuff up.  I have to empty my office/studio so that I can get new flooring in there.  As I’m clearing out boxes and shelves, I am finding ‘stuff’ I haven’t seen in years.  Some … Continue reading

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Steer clear of Psychic Vampires

Have you ever known a Psychic Vampire?  They don’t dress all in goth.  They come out during the day.  They don’t sleep in coffins.  They can see themselves in mirrors.  But there are still some signs that they are near.  … Continue reading

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What Color is Perplexed? What Color is Ecstatic? What Color are you today?

It’s no secret that color has a powerful impact on how we feel.  I’ve thought about this a lot lately.  I am an artist and so playing with color is what I do for fun.  I had a eye-opening experience … Continue reading

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Chaos Theory aka The Butterfly Effect

Let me preface this by saying that whenever I venture into writing about anything remotely science-based, take it all with a grain of salt.  I love this stuff and read it for pleasure the way other people read Harlequin romance … Continue reading

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Warning: You WILL cry!

The other day I watched a webinar by Eban Pagan, one of the top internet marketing gurus out there.  It was long but well worth the time spent watching it and by the end of it I was ready to … Continue reading

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You May Be Closer Than You Think

Yesterday, you wrote out your Ideal Day and then identified the elements of that Ideal Day that are Indispensable, Optional but Important, or Nice to Have. If you made a list of the elements of your Ideal Day that fall … Continue reading

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Is it a Hell Yes? If not, it’s a Hell No!

Maybe you’re a person who gets an idea—a great idea—and then carries out a structured, well organized analysis of its feasibility, easily makes a ‘go-no go’ decision and then works single-mindedly until your great idea becomes reality.  Well good for … Continue reading

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A Sunday Morning Whine and a Great Idea!

This morning I was trying to set up autoresponders for my new email system and, after struggling for a while and feeling extremely stupid and inept, I decided to go sit on my deck and have breakfast.  I had also … Continue reading

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