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What does God see when he looks at us?

What does god see when he looks at us? Do you ever have one of those nights where, instead of dreaming, you are more like contemplating DEEP THOUGHTS. For me, last night was one of those nights. Warning! This post … Continue reading

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Another Commercial Break – Wordle – A Great Idea

Now here is a  truly GREAT IDEA.  You may have heard of Wordle, seen Wordles and thought they were pretty neat, or you may have created a few of your own.  This is a Wordle I just created from the … Continue reading

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Did You Guess? What’s a 7%-er?

Did you get it?  Did you figure out what it means to be a 7%-er?  A 7%-er is a left-handed person and, yes, it appears that, even though only about 7% of the general population are left-handed, a greater percentage … Continue reading

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Are you a Seven Percenter?

Do you know what a ‘One Percenter’ is?  Members of the Hell’s Angel’s Motorcycle Club wear a patch on the back of their jackets reading ‘1%-er’.  Apparently, back in the 1960’s the media picked up on a statement by the … Continue reading

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And Now for a Commercial Break – AquaNotes – A Great Idea

In the Idea Champion’s report on their inquiry into the top catalysts of creativity, taking a shower ranked 25th.  So if you’re one of those people who get great ideas in the shower, I have a great idea for you.  … Continue reading

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The Birth of Great Ideas – One Way of Looking At It Anyway

It seems appropriate to launch my month-long exploration of great ideas by asking, where do great ideas come from? The labels we attach to the birth of great ideas give the impression that they burst forth, fully grown –kind of … Continue reading

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