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The Next Breath is All You Have – Live Mindfully

No matter where you’re heading, what future you are creating and attracting into your life, you have to start from where you are. In fact, right now, the present moment, is all you have. Close your eyes for a moment … Continue reading

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Nothing is ever nothing

As I continue to declutter and pack up my house, I am finding new gems; old scraps of paper with thoughts and writings.  This is my latest find: Nothing is ever nothing.  We all make an imprint on our world—on … Continue reading

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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Okay there’s a limit to the decisions you can make

A long time ago was I was teaching a stress management program at the local college.  It was so long ago that I can’t possibly find my notes and my resources but I distinctly remember finding, during my research, information … Continue reading

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Getting stuff done – the day to day ongoing goals

You can eat an elephant, if you do it one bite at a time. -Robert Riley If you now have an amazing inspiring vision of the life you were meant to live…. If you have engaged the magic of the Universe … Continue reading

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What Color is Perplexed? What Color is Ecstatic? What Color are you today?

It’s no secret that color has a powerful impact on how we feel.  I’ve thought about this a lot lately.  I am an artist and so playing with color is what I do for fun.  I had a eye-opening experience … Continue reading

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Forget S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Set D.U.M.B. Goals Instead

It’s time to dream!  It’s time to create your vision of your ideal life so that the path to reach it can unfold effortlessly.  It’s time to set the power of Future Pull in motion.  This will be fun.  Are … Continue reading

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So Many Ideas, So Little Time!

So let’s say that you are intelligent and creative and you’re coming up with lots of ideas…how do you choose which ones to pursue?  I sure do understand this dilemma.  As a self-proclaimed ‘idea person’, I generate many ideas per … Continue reading

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