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A little gem I found in a box

I am busy decluttering and packing stuff up.  I have to empty my office/studio so that I can get new flooring in there.  As I’m clearing out boxes and shelves, I am finding ‘stuff’ I haven’t seen in years.  Some … Continue reading

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Forget S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Set D.U.M.B. Goals Instead

It’s time to dream!  It’s time to create your vision of your ideal life so that the path to reach it can unfold effortlessly.  It’s time to set the power of Future Pull in motion.  This will be fun.  Are … Continue reading

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So Many Ideas, So Little Time!

So let’s say that you are intelligent and creative and you’re coming up with lots of ideas…how do you choose which ones to pursue?  I sure do understand this dilemma.  As a self-proclaimed ‘idea person’, I generate many ideas per … Continue reading

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Ideas, Creativity and Imagination – Oh My!

As I brainstormed and mindmapped my way to a plan for the rest of this month’s blogs, it occurred to me that a few definitions were perhaps overdue.  I thought I’d take a little detour and look up the meanings … Continue reading

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Take a Perspective of Unlimited Possibility

When I was younger I thought everything was black and white, true or false, possible or not possible. Part of that was the result of growing up in a cult-like religion that viewed the world that way. To this day, … Continue reading

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